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The 2018 outline PASTEL Saturday Club programme continues to be ambitious and innovative – with PASTEL club members joining in the planning, including risk assessments, and reviewing activities, looking for improvements. Some of the activities will reinforce lessons learnt last year.

Activities this year will focus on:

  • Learning New Skills
  • Growing Independence
  • Making and Maintaining Friends
  • Teamworking
  • Communicating & Decisionmaking


The activities planned for this year include:

  • Bread-making
  • Money Matters - planning party food and drink / shopping
  • First Aid
  • Gardening - planting and cultivating flowersfruits and vegetables
  • Crafts - making friendship bracelets and bird feeders
  • Singing - including 3 public performances
  • Making Friends (including Making a Video)
  • Indoor Rollerblading
  • Round-Table Discussions
  • Planning and participating in a public Fun Day fror the local community
  • Drama - role play / create original production
  • 'Big Days Out'
  • Walks
  • Line Dancing
  • Chi Gung


The programme remains flexible and is readily adaptable to the weather and last-minute opportunities.

 All these activities are designed to develop independence and help make friends by raising self-esteem and confidence, improving communications and decision-making and developing team-working skills.






Activities last year focussed on:

•               Gaining confidence in identification of coins and learning their values

•               Gaining confidence in using money in a practical setting, eg shopping in a supermarket

•               Finding out the value of key food and drink items.

•               Finding out how much it costs to make bread and cakes vs. buying them.

•               Working together and developing skills budgeting and spending money

•               Gain more confidence in going out and visiting new places

•               Looking after each other when out.

•               Established PASTEL members helping newer members

•               Working together as a team

•               Building up confidence to try out new crafts and skills and to a good standard

•               Doing your best, whatever your abilities, see what you can achieve

•               Participating in Christmas Party celebrations


The list of fun activities / life skills included:

  • Art - Drawing and Painting
  • Crafts - designing cushions and sewing on felt shapes
  • Wellbeing exercises - based on Chi Gung
  • Baking Biscuits and Cakes
  • Developing Personal Scrap Books
  • Group Discussions
  • Gardening - planting and cultivating flowersfruits and vegetables
  • Walks into Saxmundh town - to visit TESCO, the Library, The Museum and Craft t Fairs.
  • Board Games
  • Money Matters - budgets / shopping
  • Singing
  • Communication and Memory Skills.
  • 'Big Days Out' - visits to the Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich to see James and the Giant Peach, the Camel Oasis outdoor zoo and Felixstowe seafont for beach-combing and fish and chips.

 Many of these activities are not mutually exclusive and are very much action learning e.g. when dealing with money matters members will discuss foods, their prices and then walk in to town to buy ingredients at the supermarket, walk back to the Fromus Centre and then prepare food and cook it.