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Feedback in 2019


Club Members:

“You meet new people and it’s fairly regular”

“It’s really good fun and there are activities you will like”

“Because you make new friends”

“You’ll make lots of friends, be more confident and probably get a girlfriend”

“Make new friends and have fun”

“It’s fun – you make new friends and you have a good time”


“It’s a double thumbs up!”


Parents / Carers:

“It’s a fantastic place for young people with special educational needs to meet, socialise and have fun. It’s well worth the journey from Felixstowe.”

“It fulfils a number of needs for young adults and their parent carers. It is also a true club where long-term friendships and interests are formed”

“Great for getting them out of the house and doing new things and mixing with people.”

“A safe space to meet new friends and enjoy social interaction away from his primary foster carer – very friendly and welcoming and inclusive.”

“It’s a very welcoming club for all ages and disabilities, very good at building confidence and getting young adults to talk about things.”

It’s very good – everyone is made welcome. There are lots of ideas for future dates”

“It’s a terrific club and really focussed on what matters to young people”